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EDV Beratung Dr. Dörner

Your partner for MS Office (Windows) / MS Office 4.21 / MS Office 98 / Office:mac 2001 (MacOS)

- and more.

Key points of our consulting

We supply consulting services towards small and medium size companies as well as towards innovative department in larger companies. Our goal is the optimisation of your most important business processes and applications. Sometimes this may also require reorganisation within your structure. In addition we offer consulting for and development of you web presence.

Our toolkit consists of a consequent use of MS Office software products. Applications individually set up for our clients may be used for:

  1. development of controlling tools for management;
  2. development and continued improvement of pragmatic and enhanced reporting;
  3. optimisation of efficiency and data consistency in process management on the operation level;
  4. visualisation of your company towards third parties

Our main focus in consulting covers:

  • general questions, and answer about MS Office;
  • special questins, and answer about MS Office unter MacOS;
  • implementation of and training towards efficient use of MS Office applications;
  • analysis and reorganisation of existing MS Excel(Office) applications. This may include work on password protected files as well.;
  • complete reorganisation and optimisation of MS Office applications already existing in your company;
  • update of your MS Office applications, for example from MS Windowsto MacOS, or updates and corrections required due to new releases of MS Office;
  • application development based on MS Office (key issues: application development with MS Excel and MS Word, VBA programming);
  • development of MS Powerpoint presentations;
  • development of your web presence.

Areas covered by our solutions:

  • Finance/Controlling
  • Workflow methods
  • DMS (Document Management Systems)
  • Corporate Identity

Our consulting services are performed on location at your site and, growing, via our E Mail Consulting services either online or in batch mode.


E Mail Consulting

In addition to our extensive consulting at our client's site we also offer consulting via e mail, and teleworking.

What is the advantage of E Mail Consulting for you?

E Mail Consulting ensures our registrated clients our full service without additional charges such as travel expenses etc. A typical project requires on site assessment of status, plus installation and initial introduction on site.Follow up services, however, may also be performed via E Mail Consulting.


Support for Apple Products

Why do we offer support for Apple Products?

We are open to support a variety of software running under different operating systems. Our experience in application development started with Mac OS software in 1986. MS Excel for example was initially developed for the Mac OS. Since more than 15 years we have collected a vast experience in user specific applications based on standard applications - first for the Macintosh. And later since Windows 3.1, we could easily transfer and further develop our knowledge.

Since mid 1998, MS Office 98 has been available for the Macintosh operating system, including totally redone versions of MS Excel and MS Word. Microsoft continues support for the Macintosh with the Office:mac 2001 suite. Therefore, a significantly increased number of business application is now available for use under the Macintosh environment.

From our experience there is a strong request also from the MacOS users for consulting and developing services on the MS Office base. Point 1: MS Office products are enormous powerful tools. Point 2: Many software applications already have been developed for the MS Office basis (but most of them for Windows base PCs). Point 3: The new release of MS Office 98 requires modifications/reorganisation/update of existing business applications. By all means we offer our services here, too.


Recent and Actual Projects

Overview ( in near futureincluding also links) to some of our recently completed and/or actual projects

  • Data Sheets for company wide communication
  • Consistent form sheets for intra- as well as extra-business communication
  • Development of a DMS (Document Management Systems) in a distribution company
  • Automatization of translation of non-standard non-dataabse MSDS (material safety data sheets) in several European languages (as used by chemical Industry)
  • Portfolio analysis of assets (asset management)
  • Portfolio analysis of assets including an automatized evaluation and recommendation of strategic decisions


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This site has been updated on July 4th, 2001.

Microsoft, Visual Basic, Windows, MacOS and Apple are registrated trade names.

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